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The Feminine Glance at Skirts/Dresses

I have to say, I am actually enjoying my skirts/dresses.  It’s definitely not as tedious as I thought it would be.  It has only been 3-4 weeks, (I began the journey before I originally posted) if you would like to read about it here’s the link  but I must say I am seeing things differently! One of my very first observations, about two weeks in was how feminine dresses/skirts make women look.   My eyes were opened to women and their styles. I would see a woman with a nice pair of jeans or slacks,  a nice feminine shirt, hair done, looking very polished and then I would imagine her with a skirt to match how polished she already looked and WOW she actually looked more feminine!  I was shocked.

I then saw women, who care a bit less about their appearance (at least from where I’m standing) they look as though they wake up, throw some jogging shorts or pants on and spend no time on their hair.  The women who look tomboyish (grown women with kids, I too am in this category), I would then imagine them in a skirt/dress and to my surprise with no real make over,  just a skirt/dress,  they too looked waaaaay more feminine.

I grew up a bit tomboyish, my mom use to always tell me and my sisters that she wanted boys but she got all girls who act just like boys! LOL I would dread putting on skirts/dresses. It was all about the tomboy look, (TLC style, you can google them). tlc I always felt wearing skirts/dresses and beautifying myself up was just too much, not to mention it just brings extra attention that I didn’t want, compliments and all that funny stuff! In getting past what others think and say, and just going in front of the mirror I enjoy a more feminine looking me. What I am seeing is skirts/dresses are not just a modest thing but actually a feminine thing, especially in this day and age where so many lines are being blurred.  I feel like every size and shaped woman can put on a nice skirt/dress, stand in front of the mirror and say “Alright Lord, I see how you made me!”  I AM beautiful and I AM feminine! For every woman who reads this, stand still in your mirror with a skirt/dress and tell me how you feel compared to a nice shirt and pants.

I believe a lot of times women feel that we have to be like men in order to be powerful, but I believe we can be powerful in our feminine form, the way God made us to be.  I am putting on my skirts and dresses and I am enjoying being feminine. I had to say that out loud to myself because I don’t get my nails or toes done, I don’t get my hair done, I don’t wear much jewelry, and I don’t wear much make-up, all things which society associates with feminine women, so putting on a dress/skirt is a huge part of my femininity.  This is part of my enlightenment so far, this is fun!


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