I’ve always had an idea of what my Lord Jesus may have purposed for me, we get the vision but then say to self, “well how do you expect me to get there?” No way Lord. All along he is saying, child, if you are just obedient, I will equip you. Well after running ,ducking and dodging for 20 years, I’m tired and ready for you to take my hand and LEAD me Lord. I know I can’t do it on my own or by my own understanding. It is April 2015 and this is just me Faith, tracking my Faith in God and the world he opens for me.  Faith’s Oven is, what’s cooking in my faith, my marriage, my children, my kitchen, my home and of course just plain me. I hope to be a muse to you, and I know you will be to me.



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  1. Dear Faith,

    Last month I got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I feel afwul! But when I see you, you look vibrant and alive. Which is good of course! What kind of symptoms did you experience. Did you ever experienced dizziness?

    Kind regards,


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    1. Hi Selin, I appreciate you for thinking I look vibrant, I wish I felt the same way abkut myself. I was honestly at my besr when I was completely plant based and exercised hard. Magnificent what that combination did for me. We then moved to another state and I got completely off balanced. I would advise taking time for youraelf to always decompress!!! RUN from stress and processed white sugar. I’m a huge believer in diet, we have to eat live food to feel alive. I honestly think what helps me is I only drink water (besides home made smoothies or fresh juice from my juicer) I try to stay awear when certain foods make me feel like crap. Plant based is my best friend I just have to get back to eating enough. I hope this helps. I do have plant based recipes on my YouTube channel Faith’s Oven (same as this website) recipes from chili, to thai curry and breakfast ideas and fresh juice and vitamins… I try to share on there what helps me.


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