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Homemade Applesauce! Warm or Cold, your taste buds will LOVE you!


It’s a shame that I began my writing blog Faithsoven because of my passion for home cooked meals/food, but I hardly ever post my recipes from Faiths Oven, my youtube channel  Well this winter I have been whipping up batch after batch of homemade applesauce! My husband and kids LOVE it! It’s so simple and only 3 wonderful healthy ingredients.


I always have Gala and Granny Smith apples in my house so those are the apples that I use when making this dish.

-Lemons for their juice

-ground cinnamon


Yep!!! That’s it that’s all. You can leave the skin on the apples or skin them depending on your palate. My husband and youngest don’t really care for the skin in their sauce so most times I skin mine, me and my other two love the applesauce either way.  My husband took some to work along with pecans and called me and said “honey I don’t think you even understand how good these two are paired together!” LOL

Below is a link on how to make this wonderful dish. Enjoy it warm or cold! YUM!!! Hope you enjoy!


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