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Cheers! It’s been 9 years! What have I learned?


Marriage is rewarding and hard work.  If you are doing the work, you are focusing on how to be more self-LESS.  It’s so easy to complain about our mates and what they should be doing better, or how we can fix them.  A lot of times we even pray the Lord change this or that. I know I did (do) hehe, then I looked at myself realllllly good in the mirror and said “ewwww, you are off the chain Faith!”  Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with praying for our spouse, but we have to remember to pray for ourselves in the process. Pray that our heart is open to what God is working in and out of us. It is very easy to point out the faults in someone else, but what about your mess? When I began to pray for my self, I began to do things for my husband and my house as if I am doing it unto (for) the Lord, then that’s when the Lord worked some kinks out of me.  Then it became easy to surrender to things I consider silly now.  I tell everybody, if you are a believer in God and want to spiritually grow… get married! LOL

For those of you not married, marriage is a beautiful, wonderful union where God joined two people together to become one, and that is your best friend, your reflection your love.  Have in mind, two people coming from two different backgrounds, different opinions, different families, you have to put in work. I never want to give off the impression that marriage is all peaches and cream, a lot of us have a vision in our mind of this fairy tale.. now….  it may be for some, but for most of us… marriage is a gratifying work. Try and remember that you and your mate are on the same team, put God first… pray together EVERYDAY and all will turn into peaches and cream or apple pie! HAHAH My goal is to always tell people the truth.


I am really excited about what we have accomplished in this short little nine years together. I promise it does NOT feel like nine whole years.  To God be the Glory! Maie (my mom) called this morning and said, “Nine years… you know nine is the number of finality… which means if y’all have any issues… get over it, because y’all are final! LOLOLOL Y’all going to the end!”

I take that, I embrace it and smile for the Lord has shown us so much favor. I can say that being the wife of Isaac Morris, I have spiritually grown and I wouldn’t do it with anyone else. I am blessed, I am challenged for the greater, I am constantly moving forward, I have joy in my heart, I am in my right mind, my measure of faith seeks higher faith I am all around content. Thank you Jesus for this union!

Cheers to our 9 year anniversary! Time flies, enjoy one another!

IMG_20151024_074907This is us 9 years ago! My favorite photo of us!

photo 3And this is the present day!

Amazing what I noticed first in the photo’s is how we have taken on each other’s smile. In the first photo I’m all teeth and he’s all lips and in the second photo he’s all teeth and I’m all lips! HEHE

Mark 10:9 What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

2 responses to “Cheers! It’s been 9 years! What have I learned?”

  1. What a beautiful Union! I was blessed by your story, and your growth Faith. One thing is for certain, marriage does challenge your character, faith, and integrity. I’ve learned so much about God and who I am through marriage. I love the fact that we never stop changing and evolving. Good, bad, high, low…..I still would prefer to be married. Why? I can be selfless, which causes me to be available to my Savior. Let me stop before I start preaching on your blog. Thank you for your accountability Sis!

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    1. Amen, Amen!!! Growth is key!!! Go on and preach girl! Lolol


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