Black Women In America

Years ago my friends volunteered me to speak for this documentary about being a light-skin black woman. I met the director D.Channsin Berry, he’s so awesome! He is also the director of the documentary “Dark Girls” this film premiered on OWN and is now on Netflix. After he and I met, he filmed, while I talked and talked. I had a lot to say because I am a light skin black woman and I believe there are a lot of misconceptions about being a light-bright black woman.

Channsin spoke to more black women and made the film about Black Women.  Rather than just the light skin issue,  D. Channsin touches on our Faith, our weight, our beauty, the issues of being light & dark skin, relationships, motherhood and what it’s like being the mother of and raising black men. You will get so much from this trailer. The film is called “The Black Line.” Would love for you all to support me and him buy watching this trailer and sharing it with others.



  1. Hey Faith, you texting me today sent me your site. I haven’t been on there since the first time. I think this is sooo awesome that you do. I keep telling myself I need to really figure out how I should be contributing..ugh. Anyhow I enjoyed your blog and thank you for being a blessing. I will try to care the documentary.


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