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I Burned My Face… How Honey Helped and Healed

skin honey

Recently my mom came for a visit.  When she comes, her grand babies usually like to take walks and bike rides around the neighborhood.  This particular visit while they were out I decided to make home made pancakes.  Well, I had my skillet hot and I was ready to go. Sometimes I use oil, this time I decided to use butter. The butter was good and HOT so I took 1/4 cup of the mix and poured it gently into the skillet.  I kindly waited for the pancake to cook on the first side then slid the spachtla under the pancake so I could flip it…….. Well my beautiful 15 month old came strolling into the kitchen and I didn’t want any butter to pop on her so I was totally distracted when I flipped the pancake and WHAM…. the HOT BUTTER from the skillet came flying out and hit me dead on my eye ball and the surroundings of the eye.  I thought I was about to be blind.

I ran to the sink and threw some cold water onto my face and into my eye, the burning sensation was awful!!!! I then ran to the mirror (because I’m a little vain hehehe) and my eye was blood shot red and when I closed the good eye I saw blur out of the burned eye! I just started to pray.  I knew I didn’t want to go to the doctor and definitely not emergency, (who wants that $100 emergency wait bill) I mean we’ve all had hot butter or oil pop on us before and sometimes we get one of those bubble blisters and sometimes we don’t.  But I had NEVER had HOT butter or oil pop in or around my eyes.  I’m not a panic type of girl, I would like to say I do well in high stress situations, so I decided to google.  I googled, natural remedies for burns and the first thing that popped up was honey. I was like YES LORD!! I have plenty of raw natural honey in the pantry. I grabbed the honey and a q-tip and began applying the honey all around my eye.  Can we say “PURE RELIEF!!!”  It was almost instant that the pain began to subside!!! I began to surrender to the thought that I may have a scar around my eye but LORD please let me continue to see 20/20 in both eyes.

raw honey

This all happened in the morning and I reapplied the honey maybe two more times throughout the day.  I could not believe how the honey took the pain away.  It was almost as if the honey pulled the burn from my eyeball also.  (I did not put the honey in my eye, just around it) I will say my eye watered a great deal and especially when I got into the shower, I think maybe the steam irritated it, but I will take the watering of the eye over the burning sensation any day.  I reapplied the honey one more time before I went to bed. I woke up in the morning and to my surprise there was no scar, no blistering, no pain, NADA… NOTHING!!! THANK YOU LORD JESUS!

Maybe I am dramatic, or maybe….. just maybe there is a NATURAL remedy for everything.  I am so greatful for God’s bees and them making that sweet sweet honey.  You all may have already known about the honey and burn relation, but I didn’t and I just had to share because it WORKED for me.

benefits of honey

There are so many benefits of raw honey. Do more research, and take advantage of google and what ever other search engine you use. Hope you find this article beneficial.

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